Due to the constraints of space, I have included in this bibliography only archival sources and secondary works that I have cited in the text, and appendices.


Primary Sources


Glasgow, University Library, The Euing Music Library, Euing Collection.

London, Archives of the Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain:

  • Members files (Griesbachs)

London, British Library:

  • A collection of illustrations… material relating to musical concerts, composers and performers  1816-1840: L.22.a.21
  • Correspondence of Caroline Herschel 1822-1846: Egerton 3761, 3762.
  • Correspondence and papers of Sir George Thomas Smart 1776-1861: Add 41771 – 41779
  • Letter -Henry Bishop to [?Thomas] Mackinlay. Windsor, 3 Sept 1840
  • Letter -Sophia Griesbach to Caroline Herschel (1836): Egerton 3762 f.203
  • Music Manuscripts in the hand of/ previously owned by William Griesbach (late 18th-century/early 19th-century), Royal Music Library: RM21a10; RM21a14; RM21d5; RM21d7; RM21d12; RM21d16.
  • ‘Printed programme before J.B.Cramer’s departure from England, 1835’. Add.38071, f.109
  • Programmes, correspondence, notes etc of the New Musical Fund 1828 -1841: Case 61.g.20 (2 vols.)
  • Royal Philharmonic Society Manuscripts: RPS MS

London, Public Record Office Kew,

  • ‘Index of naturalizations and denizations 1800 -1850’ (typescript)
  • Petition of members of the New Musical Fund to King George III, 1789: HO 55/20/29.

Wills / Death Duty Registers

  • J.S.C. Possin  Prob.11/1650   /  IR26/879
  • George Griesbach   Prob. 11/1697  /  IR26/104
  • Henry Griesbach   Prob. 11/1795   /  IR26/1287
  • John William Griesbach  Prob. 11/1700  / IR26/1042

Deed – Isabella Augusta Griesbach – TS17/989

Private possession, ‘ Memoirs’ of George Ludoph Jacob Griesbach.

Windsor, Windsor Castle, Royal Archives, Payments by the Groom of the Stole: RA GEO/Add 17/28

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Printed Primary Sources

Henstock, Adrian, (Editor) The diary of Abigail Gawthern of Nottingham, 1751-1810) (Thoroton Society Record Series 33, 1980)

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Unpublished Theses

Foster, Stephen, ‘A critical edition of the symphony in D by Charles J. Suck’ (MMus diss. London (Goldsmiths) 2003)

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Secondary Sources

Printed works

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