A considerable number of people have had a part to play in this research project, many of whom have gone the second mile to help me. My greatest debt is to Professor Tim Blanning, my supervisor, and to Dr Evelyn Lord, course director, and David Dymond, course tutor, for their help and guidance.

I thank others who have contributed, amongst them: Mike Beasley (for figures), Margaret Beerbühl, Barra Boydell, Rosemary Canadine, John Carnelley, Derek Collins, Stella Colwell, Michael Darby, Stephen Foster, Robert Greybrook, Professor Trevor Herbert, Peter Hogg, Michael Hoskin, Alison Hunt (for translating German texts), Ken James, Margaret Johnson, Stephen Kirkman, Vivienne Larminie, Richard Leaver (by rights a Griesbach – for scanning and printing the illustrations, and for figures), Meredith McFarlane, Professor Simon McVeigh (for encouragement and advice right from the start), Jenny Nex, Susan Reed, Torsten Riotte (for information on Hanoverian officials), Deborah Rohr (for sharing information on the German musicians in her ‘catalogue’), Marjorie Ross (for much spadework done on the Griesbach family), Brendan Simms, Roz Southey, Ann van Allen-Russell, Rev. Eckhard von Rabenau (for information about the history and practice of the German Lutheran Church), and Professor Ian Woodfield (for allowing me to read his forthcoming book).

Members of my family and other friends have also encouraged and lent a listening ear. I am grateful to them.

Staff at the following libraries and archive repositories have been most helpful: Cambridge University Library, especially the Music Department, and the Rare Books Room; the libraries of King’s College and Wolfson College, Cambridge. In London: the British Library (especially the Music Collections), Corporation of London Record Office, The London Metropolitan Archives, The Public Record Office, Kew and The Royal Society of Musicians. Glasgow University Library (Special Collections); The Borthwick Institute – York; The East Riding of Yorkshire, Worcestershire, and Gloucestershire County Record Offices; Windsor Reference Library, The Royal Archives, Windsor; and the Niedersächsisches Hauptstaatsarchiv, Hannover.

In computing matters the staff at the University of Cambridge Computing Service have provided valuable service, as has Dave Sewart.

I acknowledge too a grant from my college, St Edmund’s, towards travel expenses.

Without them all, this project would not have been possible.

As Michael Hoskin wrote in an e-mail : ‘This kind of research is so heart-warming. So many people are seekers after truth and eager to help each other with whatever knowledge they  have…’

Truly it has been heart-warming indeed!

Anne Jarvis