This website has been created in an attempt to make available to others the fascinating information that I have collected through historical research over the last 20 Р30 years, and which I feel I cannot keep to myself!  It is divided into three sections: firstly, that relating to German migrant musicians working in London between roughly 1750 and 1850, and in particular the Griesbach family.  Secondly, material relating to the town of Carlow, in Ireland, which I focussed on in the early 1990s. Lastly, the history of the various branches of my own family have their place too. It is my hope that the story of those who have passed on might be told more fully than previously or elsewhere, or from a different angle, and that Рwhere possible Рthis website might be a platform for them in varying ways to tell their own tale Рhowever they be related to me. I hope that you too will find something of interest here.


I am especially grateful to my nephew, Jonathan Pryor, for making time and his expertise available to me and for me. Without him it would never have been possible! I also must thank the generous people who have shared their own material with me – their own pieces of the bigger jigsaw puzzle – and made them available to me to share with others on this website.


This website was created on 23 March 2013, and is very much a work in progress. In the coming months much more material will be added, so please come back again soon!


F. Anne M. R. Jarvis

[email protected]